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 Swisscoin: the way to the futher and how to make money from it

Swisscoin. That is one word that has been trending on the internet for the past few months. If you haven’t heard of Swisscoin as at now, then you must have either been playing on the internet or you just came back from an 8-month exile from the internet. For the serious-minded and those that know the kind of great things that can be done through the internet, Swisscoin is certainly not an entirely new thing

So what is Swisscoin? What’s it about? Why the uproar and serious discourse about it on the pages of the internet and among the business-oriented? In this article, I will make you understand what Swisscoin is all about, what it can be used for and how to use it.

Swisscoin is the future of Cryptocurrency!


What is Swisscoin?

In the simplest form, Swisscoin is a type of cryptocurrency. Cryptocurrency is also known as digital currency, and involves the use of cryptology to create digital currency and control the flow of the currency.
The system of creating cryptocurrencies is complicated, and can be compared to the way the physical currencies we spend are made; we don’t know how they are made, yet we spend them. In the same way, you don’t need to know how cryptocurrencies which are virtual currencies are made, you just need to know how to get them and use them to your advantage, which is what I’m going to discuss in this article.

Brief History of Cryptocurrencies

The history of cryptocurrencies dates back to the ’90s, but it came to be known globally when Bitcoin was started in 2009. According toWikipedia, Bitcoin was the first decentralized form of cryptocurrency to be created; the ones created prior to Bitcoin were centralized like the physical currency we spend.
Swisscoin is a new form of cryptocurrency created by a Switzerland company in conjunction with other firms and partners from Germany in 2016. It is similar to Bitcoin, and was actually created as an alternative to Bitcoin due to issues with its (Bitcoin) capacity limit and currency design.
Though there are a lot of Bitcoin alternatives available on the internet right now, we are writing about Swisscoin because it has been found to be a reliable form of cryptocurrency as opposed to many others.

How does Swisscoin work?

Cryptocurrencies work on the principle of mining the units of cryptocurrency which are known as coins at a particular rate measured with a unit of physical currency (e.g. Dollars, Pounds, Euros, Naira, etc…)
This rate is usually very low at the beginning when the first batch of coins are being “mined”, and progresses to increase over time as it becomes more popular and demanded by a large number of people
Let’s take Bitcoin, for example. When it was first created in 2009, the coins were mined at the rate of $0.02 per coin. At that time, I’m sure many people disregarded the project and didn’t bother joining. But surprisingly by 2013, four years after Bitcoin was launched, those coins gained a value as high as $1,100, and some were even being traded at a rate higher than that
Now, imagine that you were one of those who bought the Bitcoins when they were being mined at $0.02, and you bought about 25,000 coins for $500. Then in 2013 you decided to sell all 25,000 coins. Let’s calculate
25,000 coins * $1100 = $27,500,000. (OMG!)
Whoa! Your investment of just $500 would have yielded up to$27,500,000. What are you thinking right now?
What of today, when Bitcoins are being sold at $700 per coin. If you had invested $500 for 25,000 coins at that time and somehow slept through 2013 to 2016, how much would your coins worth now?
25,000 coins * $700 = $17,500,000.
You would still make a profit of over 10000% of your original investme

So, how is Swisscoin a better alternative to Bitcoin?

According to the calculations above, I’m sure you would be asking why you should join Swisscoin instead of Bitcoin. Here is my answer.
The reality is that Bitcoin is having problems with their systems and the popularity is going down. Also, if you were to go and join Bitcoin now, you would have to purchase coins at the rate of $700 each, which is very expensive
Swisscoin is a new form of cryptocurrency, and that means that their coins will still be selling at a very low price. The platform was launched on the 4th of May, and they started mining their coins at the beginning of July, two months ago. Right now, Swisscoin coins are being mined at the rate of €0.1 per coin.
This is a very great opportunity for you to join the cryptocurrency trade while it’s still going at a low price. According to the law of demand and supply, the higher the demand for a product, the higher the price; and the lower the supply of an highly demanded product, the higher its price.
In a couple of years from now the demand for cryptocurrency is going to be very high, so it’s better to invest now that the coins are being mined at low cost, than to miss out yet again on another opportunity to get rich with cryptocurrency

How to make money with Swisscoin

Before you can make money with Swisscoin, you obviously have toregister an account on the platform.

Register an account with Swisscoin

Before you can register an account with Swisscoin, you must have a sponsor whose referral link you would use to register your own account.
Don’t have a sponsor? Don’t worry, I can be your sponsor. By registering an account through my referral link, you get 100 coins for free to give you a head-start
For register an account from Here
Now that you’ve registered, there are two ways to earn huge cash with Swisscoin. These are:
  • Trading educational packages and mining coins.
  • Earning bonuses through referrals.

Trading educational packages and mining coins

Swisscoin offers its members the opportunity to learn about the system of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology that is used in producing the coins, and earn money/coins while doing so.
This is done through the Swisscoin Academy where there are different levels of training, the lowest being Rookie and the highest (level 11) beingCrypto-Director. At each level, different packages are offered for sale at different prices, and you have to purchase a certain number of packages before advancing to another level
So how can I make money from this?
Through TOKENS. Tokens are used to “mine” swisscoins, and at the moment, you are given 1 token for every 0.1 euro you spend on the system. Also when you purchase an educational pack, you get one Splitwhich multiplies the number of tokens you get by two.
For now, one Token is used to mine one swisscoin. So you see the potential this system has. If you buy the cheapest pack which goes for €25, you get 250 tokens and one split, giving you a total of 500 tokens. This can also translate to, when you invest €500, you get 5,000 tokens and you also will get one split (a split doubles up your tokens), giving you a total of 10,000 tokens. This automatically translates into 10,000 coins, which you can save up for future trading when the cost of swisscoins goes up

Earning bonuses through referrals

Apart from purchasing educational packs and earning tokens and splits, you can also make money on Swisscoin just by referring your friends and family to join the platform. Through this, you can actually kill two birds with one stone; you show your friends the way to earn huge with Swisscoin, and you get paid commission for doing that.
Here is how it works.
When your referral purchases an educational pack, the cost of the pack is converted to Business Volume at the rate of 1:1, meaning when they purchase a €25 pack, you get 25 Business Volume (BV) units.
Now what can you do with these BV?
Each BV unit carries a cost of €0.08, so you get €2 for every €25 package purchased by your referral. Of course the rate gets higher the higher your referral goes in the Academy, and there is no limit to the number of referrals you can register through your referral link.
That’s not all. You also get some bonuses on your referral sales as you move upwards in the Academy

Team Bonus

When you get to level 2, you will qualify for team bonuses which guarantees you between 2 to 22 percent of the sales your referrals (team) make from the educational packages

Matching Bonus

When you get to level 3 in the Academy, you qualify for matching bonuseswhich guarantees you between 1 to 20 percent of the commissions your referrals (team) get from the sales of the educational packages

This is different from team bonuses in that you matching bonuses give you commission from your team’s commissions, while team bonuses give you commission from your team’s sales.

Apart from team and matching bonuses, you also qualify for other bonuses in forms of gift items like laptops, cash, house and wristwatch as you level up in the Academy. You could also gain entry into the Diamond pool where you have the opportunity of winning diamond coins.

Other Benefits – Peer-to-peer (P2P) International Money Transfers

Swisscoin also has a payment system (Peer-to-peer) that allows you to transfer cash directly to other Swisscoin traders without the involvement of any bank or transfer agencies, from the comfort of your mobile phones and computers. Join Swisscoin today to know what I’m talking about.

So, how do I withdraw the cash I earn through Swisscoin?

Every unit of currency you earn with Swisscoin goes into your Swisscoin wallet, and you can withdraw it using any of the below methods:
  • Direct transfer to your bank account.
  • Withdrawal via your Swisscoin Mastercard.
  • Reinvest in buying more coins.
The Swisscoin Mastercard is not yet available. It will be rolled out sometime in September.
Note that only 60% of your earnings would be available for withdrawal. The remaining 40% will be be automatically used to mine another set of coins, to ensure that you continue to earn with the system
Also, note that you don’t have to withdraw all your available funds. You can use part of your earnings to buy more coins and re-start the process to earn you even greater amounts of cash and bonuses.

How am I sure that Swisscoin won’t run away with my money like MMM?

The issue of money laundering and frauds is one of the things that prevents people from joining Multilevel Marketing (MLM) platforms like Swisscoin and Bitcoin. To checkmate this, Swisscoin has created a system known as Know Your Customer (KYC).
KYC is a system which allows you to know other Swisscoin traders on a one-on-one basis. It also uses other mechanisms to eliminate the risk of frauds and corruption. With Swisscoin’s KYC, you are safe

How to Get FRE 100 Coins

You are guaranteed free 100 coins when you join using my referral link. By the time SwissCoin goes trading for about €1 per coin, that will translate to a free €100. But you must use techlector as sponsor.
Even you don’t want invest right now, CREATE YOUR FREE ACCOUNT and get 100 COINS absolutely for free !!!

If you have any question(s), I will be here to guide you during the registration process and even after it.

So what are you waiting for?
Have you joined Swisscoin? If you have any questions concerning Swisscoin, simply mention it in the comments

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